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    teamplay performance management applications

    Streamline operations to unlock productivity gains
    teamplay performance management application

    teamplay performance management applications empowering data analytics that help you streamline your imaging operations.

    • Standardize operations to increase clinical and operational outcomes
    • Analyze and understand performance data to optimize economies of scale across your fleet
    • Identify causes for outliers to improve quality and compliance with national authorities (e.g. dose exposure)

    With the latest three additions to our portfolio of teamplay performance management applications, we continue our efforts to streamline operations making the most of your data. Experience teamplay Fleet, teamplay Mammo Dashboard and teamplay X-ray Dashboard now!

    teamplay mammo Dashboard

    teamplay Mammo Dashboard1,2,3 is specifically designed for breast care centers providing an intuitive overview of institution-specific KPIs to reveal workflow optimization potentials and support a high quality of care in breast imaging.

    • Monitor your KPIs such as patient throughput, exam duration and study type to better understand your workflow
    • Analyze scan details such as glandular dose and compression force to identify improvement needs and best practices
    • Match staffing schedules with clinical demand of patients for capacity planning based on risk assessment data4
    teamplay performance management application

    teamplay Fleet enables you to streamline the management of your fleet from Siemens Healthineers and to optimize your asset performance holistically, 24/7, and from any browser capable device.

    • Save time by having a holistic fleet overview and specific equipment information at hand to make informed decisions
    • Efficiently manage and plan your equipment performance to optimize the usage of your assets
    • Get in-depth cybersecurity reports and access to software updates to protect your patients’ data and your reputation
    • Evaluate your options and upgrade your capabilities to make sound decisions on your future portfolio investments
    teamplay performance management application

    teamplay X-ray Dashboard1 brings transparency to image rejections and EXI (Exposure Index) of your radiography examinations, helping you to increase quality of X-ray imaging process and the operational efficiency of your fleet.

    • Track and document your institution’s rejection rate for quality control and regulatory requirements
    • Conduct in-depth rejection analysis on various levels, ranging from reject reasons to clinical protocols
    • Monitor under- or overexposure of X-ray images with Exposure Index (EXI) and Deviation Index (DI)

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