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Syngo Carbon Universal Data Management  

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With Universal Data Management, data is readily accessible in one central location and always available. The solution runs in a secure and fully virtualized environment – on-site or in the cloud – and conveniently scales from department to enterprise.

  • Benefit from the convenience of having one data model for all patient data, integrated and accessible from one single point.
  • With data stored around the patient, increase your diagnostic certainty and optimize patient treatment.
  • Store data in its native format to enable outcome-driven clinical workflows.
  • Maximize investment by scaling to match your needs as they grow, from department, to enterprise, to region. 


  • Open and de-siloed — the foundation for archiving consolidation with Universal Data Management
  • A holistic patient view across all clinical fields for complete data lifecycle management
  • Enterprise-wide, patient-centric data management of all types of imaging data (DICOM and multimedia)
  • Actionable historically archived data 


  • Integrate UDM into any existing IT environment with the latest standards, such as IHE, HL7, and FHIR.
  • Improve collaboration and treatment decisions by sharing data and connecting all clinical teams.
  • Access patient info from anywhere with a zero-footprint web app that connects all clinical fields.
  • Manage and navigate all patient information in one place, regardless of the originating source, system, or department.
  • Reduce interfacing costs with one central point of data integration.