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Syngo Carbon Dynamics Visualization

syngo Dynamics, a cardiovascular imaging and information solution, is designed to be the centralized digital hub for your complete cardiovascular service line. It offers a unique 360-degree view of your entire cardiovascular service line, and powerful reading and structured reporting, for informed clinical decisions.

Beyond connecting... unifying

Your comprehensive cardiovascular care
Relevant. Structured. Flexible.

  • Challenging data access
    Data silos can lead to inefficient workflows, and presents barriers in accessing comprehensive views of all relevant patient information. Data needs to be accessible anytime, anywhere.​
  • Data inconsistency and variable quality​

    Disparate imaging and diagnostic data impedes making informed clinical decisions and may impact patient care. Standardized and structured reporting generates consistent outcomes. ​ 

  • Large and complex IT infrastructure environment
    Disconnected IT systems and lack of interoperability can be difficult to manage. A consolidated IT infrastructure leads to easier management and maintenance across the enterprise, in line with the latest security standards.​

syngo Dynamics is ushering in a new era of intelligent, structured cardiology reporting, streamlining all your cardiovascular data into a single, automated platform that’s easily accessible remotely and across the entire enterprise.​

Key benefits

Anywhere Access1
Common and consistent look across platforms dor easy, time saving access to patient data via the HTML5 Webviewer or the Remote Workplace.

Intuitive Reading
Easy access to clinically driven calc palette and image tools to improve your workflow and efficiency.

Evidence-based reporting
Clinical condition guidance optimizes reporting and enables diagnostic consistency.

Transform your data
Patient images and information can be accessed securely from anywhere1, anytime. In the enterprise, studies can be accessed from any workplace, even at low bandwidths. ​

On the go? Access studies from tablet or mobile2 platforms for remote viewing or to provide a second opinion.

Customizable and fully automated clinical workflows and structured cardiology reports streamline the reporting process.​

Additionally, multi-modality structured reporting allows you to mine and analyze clinical data for scientific research.

Your organization’s discrete cardiology data available in one platform to quickly and easily access study data, shortening workflow times.​

Centralized and consistent data allows for analysis of operational KPIs to optimize and streamline your workflows.

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