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Digitally enabled decision-making along the patient pathway
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Informed clinical decision-making increasingly depends on smart data integration. Complex decisions may fail because data is inaccessible or too extensive to evaluate, information is overlooked, or guidelines are ignored. Costly workflows and compromised clinical outcomes are often a result of all these inefficiencies coming together.

This paper presents a platform-based approach that lives up to these challenges and offers holistic decision support along the continuum of care, bringing together a wide variety of healthcare data from diverse IT systems with a vendor-neutral design and preparing them in a user-friendly and meaningful way.

teamplay edge

The edge functionality of our teamplay digital health platform is a hybrid computing solution that lets you use AI algorithms without fully going into the cloud.

With the Edge functionality, you can benefit from cloud computing without actually being in the cloud. This means that your data stays on your local server – while only the AI algorithms are managed from the cloud so they can reliably be updated and maintained. 
AI-Pathway Companion Lung Cancer

In 2020 we officially presented our first CE-marked pathway – Prostate Cancer1. Now we are expanding the portfolio and we are introducing the AI-Pathway Companion for non-small cell lung cancer2. The solution is all about enabling personalized and standardized decision-making along care pathways. Our mission remains clear: to facilitate diagnosis and therapeutic decisions with a clear goal of improving patient outcomes. 

Please note that the Digital Health City is not available on mobile devices.  

We help you to leverage digitalization & data to streamline your operations

Our innovative digital solutions enable a more effective use of resources along service lines, they are designed to reduce costs without sacrificing outcomes.

On your journey to an intelligent healthcare enterprise you will benefit from:

  • Powerful digital offerings that help you increase resource efficiency and decrease turnaround times empowered by data-driven decisions, standardized workflows and automated processes.
  • Scalable, adaptable technology that helps you master changing needs, integrate diverse environments and balance workloads by connecting expertise.
  • Facilitating compliance with regulations and care standards by generating reports, identifying best practices, tracking progresses, and benchmarking with external references.

Our service line management solutions:

Ipad with teamplay application

Monitor quantities, simplify your reporting and accelerate your clinical processes

two doctors using teamplay

Organize and automate your radiologist reading across sites, radiology practices, and legacy platforms

two doctors using teamplay

An integrated referral management solution to improve communication with your referral community

preview BEFUND24

Your marketplace for radiological expertise to help master staff shortages

We help you to leverage AI-powered algorithms and augmented intelligence technologies to support your ordering, diagnostic and clinical decision-making, thereby aiming to enhance patients’ health outcomes along the care continuum.

From image ordering to image interpretation and therapy decision, our clinical decision-making solutions and AI technologies support you throughout the patient’s disease journey.

Along the disease pathway, our Digital Health solutions support you in:

  • Guiding you to order the right imaging test at the right time for the right patient in alignment with appropriate use criteria
  • Automate image post-processing to highlight abnormalities, segment anatomies and compare results to reference values, and generate contouring of organs at risk as input for radiation therapy planning4
  • Accurately aggregating patient’s healthcare data and providing clinical insights to facilitate risk stratification while mapping patient to the latest evidence-based guidelines for personalized treatment options 

Our clinical decision support solutions:

preview ai-rad companion

Automatically performs measurements and prepares results in the form of clinical images and reports

preview ai-pathway companion

AI-Pathway Companion focuses on domain expertise in the field of oncology and follows, deeply embedded in his DNA, a multi-disease approach along the entire patient journey.

two doctors discussing in front of desktop

Helps to evaluate the appropriateness of imaging orders by delivering evidence-based clinical best practice guidelines

We help you to overcome interoperability challenges as well as managing large numbers of chronically ill patients by connecting care teams and patients.

Our smart solutions enable you to share patient data from multiple institutions, from in- and out-patient scenarios (incl. home care) along the entire patient journey to help you to optimize the decision making.

By creating a holistic view of the patient, we help healthcare professionals to improve cooperative care and patient outcomes. Our patient facing applications enable patient engagement and will have a positive effect on reputation among the patients and referrers.

Making relevant health information available exactly where and when it is needed is key for efficient care management. We offer specific networking services and applications to enable effective communication and collaboration – with more flexibility in terms of time and place.5 This is exceptionally important for cross-institutional treatment involving several stakeholders.

  • Collaborate more efficiently
  • Save resources
  • Deliver high-quality patient care
  • Enable patients to engage in their own health

Our patient management solutions:

two doctors looking into desktop

Facilitating close collaboration and communication across care teams as well as with patients to help you achieve better outcomes

Keyvisual digital health

Helps to manage large numbers of patients smartly thanks to powerful workflow support

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