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    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Fight chronic diseases with point-of-care solutions

    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Close diabetes care gaps with point-of-care testing solutions

    A point-of-care, multiparameter analyzer for monitoring diabetic glycemic control and detecting early kidney disease.

    DCA Vantage AnalyzerOnboard Printer Color Touch Screen Bar-code Scanner Flexible POC Informatics Solutions Testing Compartment and Reagents
    1. DCA Vantage Analyzer

      Fast access to hard copy patient results without requiring an external printer

      • Supports adhesive label stock to affix directly into patient record
      • Can elect to have 2 printouts - provide one to patient for his or her records
      • Reports patient result, date, time, patient name, patient ID, sample ID, reference range, and comments

    2. DCA Vantage Analyzer

      Simple, intuitive menu navigation simplifies testing, results reporting, records management, and more

      • Large color touch screen to review results and manage data
      • Onscreen QWERTY keyboard simplifies manual data input
      • Step-by-step, on-screen help to guide operators
      • Simplifies customization of system settings to meet your testing needs

    3. Preserve data integrity while increasing workflow efficiency. 

      • Supports 2-D Data Matrix and Aztec formats as well as default and custom linear bar-code formats 
      • Helps prevent transcription errors, improve patient safety, and increase productivity 
      • Audible alert to confirm successful scan

    4. DCA Vantage interfaces with leading POC data management solutions:

      • Open solutions with interfaces to over 140 different POC analyzers and multiple disciplines with POCcelerator™ and UniPOC® data management systems.
      • RAPIDComm Data Management System – connect to Siemens point of care analyzers including blood gas and urine chemistry via a single interface.
      • Interfaces to other point-of-care data-management solutions: MAS RALS Plus, Telcor QUICK-LINK, and RELAYMED.

    5. Supports HbA1c and Microalbumin Testing

      • Simple to load and unload
      • Uses self-contained cartridges; No reagent preparation
      • Operator contact with reagents is minimized
      • Heparinized capillary device provides sample stability up to 5 minutes vs 60 seconds

    The DCA Vantage Analyzer is a point-of-care system for diabetes management that is uniquely designed to help minimize pre-analytical testing errors. Key features that help improve the operator experience include: 
    • No manual sample preparation or sample dispensing 
    • Heparinized capillary device (5-minute sample stability)
    • Robust handling of hemolyzed samples mitigates sampling technique 
    •  Robust cartridge design: compartmentalized sample and reagents to prevent false test start 
    •  No requirement for consumable lot matching 
    •  2D bar-code entry for patient and operator ID

    Lower Costs and Improve Outcomes with Point-of-care HbA1c Testing

    The DCA Vantage Analyzer provides lab-accurate results for monitoring glycemic control in patients with diabetes and conducting annual checks for kidney disease.         

    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Improve Clinical Outcomes

    By reducing HbA1c 

    Denton County Public Health demonstrated that by leveraging POC HbA1c testing as part of an overall diabetes management program helped reduce the overall mean HbA1c level.1

    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Increase Patient Satisfaction

    With actionable results in minutes 

    Patient satisfaction scores improve with point-of-care diabetes testing.2

    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Reduce Costs

    By increasing practice efficiency 

    The DCA Vantage Analyzer can reduce the need for follow-up phone calls and letters and potentially reduce associated costs.3

    Point of care HbA1c screening can improve patient compliance


    Dynamic Duo to Aid in Closing Diabetes Care Gaps During the Point Care Visit

    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Your diabetic patients face many clinical risks:

    • Over 40% of people will develop kidney disease 4
    • 1% decrease in HbA1c decreases the risk of eye damage by 76% and kidney damage by 50% 5 
    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    DCA Vantage analyzer

    • CLIA-waived HbA1c Test
    • Results in minutes

    CLINITEK Status Connect System

    • CLIA-waived ACR Test
    • Results in 60 seconds
    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    The benefits of adopting the dynamic duo for diabetes care management

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