​Staying Ahead of Cytokine Storm​

Testing for Key Inflammation Markers

Why do some patients with COVID-19 experience milder symptoms and others experience more severe symptoms?​ Cytokine storm (CS) is an extreme immune response associated with severe COVID-19 disease. ​

Cytokine Storm

Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is an early indicator of inflammatory response to illness or injury. An important mediator of the immune response to pathogens, IL-6 is a member of the cytokine class of chemical messengers that induces both pro- and anti-inflammatory responses. It plays a significant role in the development and escalation of CS in COVID-19 patients.2-4

Cytokine Storm

Of severe COVID-19 patients, approximately 5% develop a systemic dysregulated cytokine response.1,5 This extreme immune response, called cytokine storm, is associated with severe COVID-19 disease and can cause widescale cellular and organ tissue damage.

In the most severe COVID-19 cases patients can develop a dysregulated cytokine inflammatory response to the infection. Upon further evaluation, IL-6 is thought to be the central regulator of the cytokine response and cytokine storm. Learn about the challenges healthcare providers face treating patients with COVID-19 and the dangers of the cytokine storm response. You will also learn how elevated IL-6 is associated with a higher risk of progressing to a severe disease in COVID-19 patients.