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    teamplay Fleet

    teamplay Fleet is a teamplay digital health platform solution that enables you to streamline the management of your fleet from Siemens Healthineers and to optimize your asset performance holistically, 24/7, and from any browser capable.

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    PEPconnect is our personalized online education experience designed for healthcare professionals that’s customized to their role and learning behavior – designed to increase their competency, efficiency, and productivity.

    RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS)


    RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS) utilize ready-to-deploy or individually customized digital technology solutions to automatically identify and track the location of assets, patients1 or staff1 in real time. RTLS improve clinical and operational outcomes through real-time visualization and optimization of your performance.

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    With more patients to care for and fewer personnel to provide that care, the healthcare industry is facing a huge staffing problem. At the same time, the complexity of the job is increasing, leading to a greater need for better skills and to a workforce that is demanding more from its employers in terms of handling the increasing complexity.
    With FlexForce, we offer two solutions to these problems: One solution provides expert personnel to fill staffing gaps, and the other enables your own workforce to acquire the skills needed to succeed.

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    Vaccellent is an intelligent cloud-based vaccination solution that helps you to manage, operate, and coordinate the optimized distribution and utilization of COVID-19 vaccines.

    WeScan example


    Explore our new healthcare service WeScan that offers you remote scanning support for MR imaging. Request an MRI scan to be remotely performed (Remote Scanning) or choose remote scan coaching for on-the-job learning (Remote Coaching). This enables you to offer high-quality diagnostics – whenever needed, wherever needed, and independent of the availability of qualified onsite staff. By offering a pay-per-hour model for both options, WeScan enables you to increase profitability with a service focusing on flexible costs.