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    CorPath® GRX Robotic System

    The first robotic platform designed for interventional physicians 

    Experience CorPath® GRXSingle-use CassetteARTIS iconoRobotic DriveExtended Reach ArmMonitorControl Console
    1. Corpath grx robotic system - single use cassette

      • Disposable component that attaches to the Robotic Drive and can be loaded with commercially available guide catheters, guidewires, and RX devices
      • Supports linear and rotational movement of the guidewire and guide catheter, and linear movement of the RX device
      • Auxiliary Track allows additional devices to be held in place during the procedure

    2. ARTIS icono

      Learn more about ARTIS icono

    3. Corpath grx robotic system - robo

      • Mounted onto the Extended Reach Arm
      • Translates commands from the Control Console into device movements within the Single-use Cassette
      • Supports linear movement of the guide catheter
      • A Bedside Touchscreen provides on-screen instructions for bedside operator

    4. CorPath GRX Arm

      • Mounted on the bedrail of the procedure table and supports the Robotic Drive
      • Can be positioned for any access point including radial or femoral

    5. corpath grx robotic system - pvi screen

      • Medical grade widescreen monitor
      • Up close visualization of angiographic screens

    6. corpath grx robotic system - control console

      • Includes joysticks and touchscreen controls for manipulation of one guide catheter, one guidewire, and one RX device
      • The touchscreen enables 1-mm device movements, discrete rotation of the guidewire, sub-mm measurements, and access to automated movements in the technIQ™ series

    Clinical Evidence

    Evidence supporting the use of CorPath GRX continues to grow with proven clinical benefits for all stakeholders. 

    CORA PCI Trial

    CORA-PCI trial 

    Demonstrated 99.1% clinical success in complex cases and comparable procedure times with manual PCI.1

    PRECISE Trial

    PRECISE trial 

    Demonstrated a 95% reduction in radiation exposure to primary operator.2


    Circulation: CV interventions 

    Single center trial demonstrated a 20% reduction in radiation exposure to patients compared to manual PCI.3
    Robotic vs manual

    Robotic vs manual 

    Measurement of lesions with robotic PCI may reduce measurement errors, need for extra stents, and LGM.4

    CorPath GRX Arm

    CorPath System is the first robotic platform designed for interventional physicians. Robotic-assisted intervention enables precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning with the added benefit of radiation protection for the physician and the potential to reduce radiation exposure for staff and patients.

    Product Demonstration

    Watch our product demonstration to see the CorPath GRX in action.