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Meeting the needs of labs today and in the future, the Atellica® Solution offers more than 210 assays. In addition to expanding our disease state portfolio with neurology and oncology assays, Siemens Healthineers offers strength in product performance, quality, portfolio breadth, and efficiency in workflow.

The Atellica® CI 1900 System1 is being developed for the lower-to-mid-volume laboratories. It is planned to utilize the same menu, reagents, consumables, and detection technology as the Atellica® Solution2. The Atellica CI 1900 System1 is being designed to take the lab a step beyond by offering the same workflow and IT across the network with the goal of redefining standardization.

Siemens Healthineers hematology systems provide accurate, first-pass results for laboratory hematology testing. Utilizing the concept of Practical Automation, laboratories can achieve optimum patient management, streamlined workflow and greater productivity, without large track-based systems, expensive stains or reflex testing.

Innovative Assays

The Atellica® IM B·R·A·H·M·S procalcitonin Assay helps achieve early sepsis risk assessment and aids in the management of antibiotic therapy.

Neurofilament light chains (sNfL) assay3 is intended to be used as an aid in identifying adult patients with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis who are at lower vs higher risk of MS disease activity.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone3 is a fast and precise assay to assess ovarian reserve.

  • Get the trusted results that clinicians demand for oncology patient screening and monitoring, including free light chains for the detection of multiple myeloma and MGUS.
  • Make allergy testing routine with an extensive menu of over 350 allergens, panels, and components across animals, drugs, dust, foods, grasses, insects, mites, molds, occupational, parasites, trees, and weeds. 

  • We offer a comprehensive COVID-19 testing portfolio, from diagnosis to management and monitoring of COVID-19 patients. From large-scale to near-patient testing, learn about multiple options for high-quality COVID-19 testing.
  • Comprehensive infectious disease menu, including ToRCH for early detection to help laboratories address critical and common infectious diseases and help clinicians make critical decisions.

Developing accurate pediatric reference intervals is often impeded by limited availability of samples from healthy pediatric populations. Fast, accurate results with appropriate age-specific reference intervals from the laboratory can help physicians diagnose and determine treatment in a timely manner. Siemens Healthineers is committed to providing these reference intervals and supporting initiatives to protect the lives of our most vulnerable patients. 

  • Proven, true high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I assays help you manage chest pain patients with increased speed, insight, and confidence—no matter where you are.
  • Natriuretic peptides play a key and cost-effective role in the diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Siemens Healthineers offers labs the choice of BNP and NT-proBNP4, with results in minutes. 

Accurate testing for both fentanyl and oxycodone is a community’s first line of defense in fighting the opioid epidemic. Siemens Healthineers is everywhere testing is needed: providing a reliable, rapid means to detect drugs of abuse, which can inform doctors, deter abuse, and help save lives.

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