Cios Flow

Get straight to work

In modern operating rooms, surgical teams are constantly multitasking under time pressure. A good workflow is half the job, since interruptions can negatively impact both patient safety and OR efficiency1. And other, invisible disruptions are on the rise: cyber attackers are taking advantage of security gaps to access patient data and compromise vulnerable healthcare systems.²

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  1. Enables surgeons to see the details they need. Benefit from higher image quality at low dose applications.³
  2. Lasers
    For excellent visibility on all skin types and blood – despite bright OR lighting.
  3. Improved clean conditions thanks to significant antimicrobial effects on non-sporulating microorganisms.
  4. For cableless freedom in the OR.
  5. Featuring a non-compromising C-design, and weighing only 275 kg, Cios Flow is particularly easy to position and move. 
  6. Tablet-like touch gestures let you collimate, rotate, and flip images with just one finger.
  7. Trigger key system functionalities, even from within the sterile field, with the touch of a finger.4

  8. Cios Flow Spot Adapt
    Automatically optimizes imaging parameters to your anatomy of interest.
  9. Supports surgeons by displaying a trajectory for correct placement of K-wires or other devices. 
  10. With Cios Flow, advanced cyber security measures are on board to decrease your hospital’s risk of being hacked. 
  11. Get access to a growing variety of applications to expand your capabilities.