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    Chronic Disease Management

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    Chronic Disease Management at the Point of Care

    Healthcare providers can have a significant impact on patient-care by using tools that deliver immediate results. Siemens Healthineers offers a wide spectrum of easy-to-use point of care (POC) tests that can help you better manage your patients‘ chronic diseases.

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    With chronic disease on the rise, the demand for fast, convenient testing is higher than ever. Point-of-care testing solutions help to deliver outcomes that matter to patients.

    Real-time test results provide data that informs critical decision making, with the goal of improving patient outcomes, recognizing cost savings4 and managing population health.

    Studies have shown that diabetic and prediabetic patients are at greater risk for serious complications and worse outcomes if they contract COVID-19.
    Studies have shown that diabetic and prediabetic patients are at greater risk for serious complications and worse outcomes if they contract COVID-19.1,2,3,4

    Manage population health with point-of-care testing

    Siemens Healthineers offers a portfolio of chronic disease management solutions that provides fast, reliable, and accurate results at the point of care. Choose from our selection of operator-friendly, trustworthy, and versatile analyzers for identifying and monitoring diabetes, kidney disease, and other chronic conditions to assess the appropriate care pathways for patients and to monitor their health.

    DCA Vantage Analyzer

    Atellica DCA Analyzer

    To keep pace with the growing diabetic population, healthcare providers need a testing solution that’s fast, flexible, and reliable. Building upon one of the industry’s most trusted technologies for diabetes testing, the Atellica® DCA Analyzer can help your care network thrive. Delivering an actionable HbA1c result in only 4 minutes allows your clinicians to have meaningful discussions with patients during their visit. Industry-leading immunoassay technology delivers reliable performance and excellent precision across the entire assay range, ensuring confidence test after test.

    CLINITEK Status Connect System

    CLINITEK Status Connect System

    The CLINITEK Status® Connect System with Auto-ChecksTM Technology simplifies and streamlines your daily operations. This automated point-of-care urinalysis and hCG pregnancy testing solution eliminates the subjectivity of a visual read, helps improve accuracy, saves time, and allows for increased productivity.

    POC Ecosystem Solution

    POC Ecosystem Solution

    Siemens Healthineers POC Informatics solutions are designed to help you manage the complete POCT process across the healthcare continuum.

    • Reduce costs by consolidating POC data-management systems and IT infrastructure.
    • Simplify operations by centralizing management of data, devices, and operators.
    • Enable staff competency and compliance by supporting efficient certification and training.

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