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Today, breast care is not always effective, largely a one-size fits all approach, and struggles to keep up with demand. We provide accurate, human-centric, and economic solutions to empower your decisions in every step of the Breast Health Journey.

Siemens Healthineers is committed to fight breast cancer and, moreover, is committed to be your partner along the entire Breast Health Journey. We are proud to be the only company that can provide a holistic and personalized 360° approach, with breast care solutions in every step of the Breast Health Journey. Taking women through the journey from discovery to recovery.

    Breast Health 360° portfolio

    With accurate, human-centric and economic breast care solutions, we empower decisions to grant more women access to excellent, personalized care pathways. Have a glimpse at our solutions in breast cancer care.
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    Our mammography systems and reading solutions provide accuracy and the highest depth resolution1 in screening and diagnostics.

    Ultrasound machines

    With unmatched image quality, our ultrasound imaging systems enhance confidence as an adjunct to mammography and diagnosis.

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    MR breast imaging can help support physicians to provide early and reliable diagnosis for high-risk patients, especially in difficult mammography cases.

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    Our solutions for radiotherapy can increase workforce productivity and optimize clinical operations in the treatment planning.

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    Our digital health solutions support operational, clinical, and shared decision-making along the entire Breast Health Journey2

    Mi Biograph Vision

    Our PET/CT solutions enable you to accurately stage disease and devise effective treatment plans incl. estrogen receptor imaging3

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    Faster results, quicker care for those who need it, and less anxiety for all patients – the team at the Baylor Clinic, led by Emily Sedgwick, MD, set out to design an improved and more effective patient experience.

    This paper examines how Emily Sedgwick achieved these impressive results and offers insights on how others working in comparable treatment pathways can apply similar techniques.

    Matteo Passamonti, MD, Clinical Director at Breast Unit ASST Lodi in Italy, gives insights into what is different today and how he and his team make sure women can still feel safe.