Breast Health 360°

Providing the highest degree of care. Because we care.

From a patient’s history, to screening and diagnosis, to treatment and follow-up, we provide 360° breast health solutions in every step of the Breast Health Journey.
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Today, breast care is not always effective, largely a one-size fits all approach, and struggles to keep up with demand. We provide accurate, human-centric, and economic solutions to empower your decisions in every step of the Breast Health Journey.

Siemens Healthineers is committed to fight breast cancer and, moreover, is committed to be your partner along the entire Breast Health Journey. We are proud to be the only company that can provide a holistic and personalized 360° approach, with breast care solutions in every step of the Breast Health Journey. Taking women through the journey from discovery to recovery.

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  1. Patient history

    Siemens Healthineers offers solutions that provide access to relevant patient information for a reliable and more accurate intervention.

  2. Follow-up
    With our diverse imaging solutions and innovative methods, we support you in providing the best possible aftercare. Our comprehensive and caring view helps you improve the health perspectives of your patient to support them in their best possible health.

  3. Treatment and monitoring

    Our portfolio of products offers a leading edge platform of technologies for complete therapy. We provide clinicians with the flexibility, precision, and confidence to successfully treat each disease pattern and improve patient outcomes. Personalized therapy solutions to give the patient more hope.

  4. Diagnosis and therapy decision 

    Our solutions provide a broad basis for reliable decision-making. With our complete portfolio of imaging modalities and clinical procedures, abnormalities can be quickly and easily detected – even difficult-to-define disease patterns. To provide the clarity needed for a confident diagnosis and therapy decision.

  5. Artificial intelligence, digital solutions and decision support

    Along the entire breast health journey, Artificial Intelligence and digital support tools help support clinicians in every step of the pathway.

  6. Screening and early detection

    Our innovations make screening and early detection more reliable, comfortable, and efficient than ever before – aiming to provide high-quality clinical information and improve your patients’ comfort and experience.

1 Maldera et al. (2016): Digital breast tomosynthesis: Dose and image quality assessment. Physica Medica, pp. 1-12.

2 eHealth Solutions consists of several products of ITH icoserve technology for healthcare GmbH - ® A Siemens Healthineers Company, Innsbruck, Austria. Products of eHealth Solutions are not to intend for diagnostic purposes. The product offerings are not commercially available in all countries. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further information."

The product/feature and/or service offerings (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries and/or for all modalities. Their future availability cannot be guaranteed.

siemens healthineers at rsna 2020

Faster results, quicker care for those who need it, and less anxiety for all patients – the team at the Baylor Clinic, led by Emily Sedgwick, MD, set out to design an improved and more effective patient experience.

This paper examines how Emily Sedgwick achieved these impressive results and offers insights on how others working in comparable treatment pathways can apply similar techniques.

Matteo Passamonti, MD, Clinical Director at Breast Unit ASST Lodi in Italy, gives insights into what is different today and how he and his team make sure women can still feel safe.