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Atellica Solution

Atellica® Solution

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Atellica Solution - Magline Transport

Built-in revolutionary sample management technology provides independent control over STAT and routine samples.

Atellica Solution - Sorting

Automatic, specific sample sorting combines with retrieval and archiving functions to manage samples throughout all phases of testing.

Atellica Solution - ASA Application

Sophisticated yet simple software seamlessly connects with your existing LIS to make it easy to run laboratory operations.

Atellica Solution - Decapper

Atellica® Decapper integrates decappinginto the analytical workflow of Atellica® Solution† with little or no additional footprint.

Atellica Solution - OperatorTablet
  1. Primary user interface (UI) for single point of control of entire system.
  2. Atellica Asa™ Application is a tile-based tablet application that organizes and prioritizes operator tasks by streamlining laboratory workflow quickly and simply.

  3. Patented bidirectional, variable-speed Atellica Magline® Transport speeds STAT samples to analyzers.
  4. High-capacity Atellica® Sample Handler with revolutionary sample management technology.
  5. Atellica® CH Analyzer runs up to 1800 tests per hour‡ (up to 1200 photometric,‡ up to 600 IMT).‡
  6. Atellica® Decapper integrates decapping into the analytical workflow of Atellica® Solution configurations† with little or no additional footprint.
  7. Atellica® IM 1300 Analyzer runs up to 220 tests per hour;‡ Atellica® IM 1600 Analyzer runs up to 440 tests per hour.‡ Fast throughput aided by proprietary patented design of the Atellica IM incubation ring and wash ring functions.