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    Atellica® Solution

    Powered by Atellica® Integrated Automation

    Flexible, scalable, automation-ready
    immunoassay and chemistry analyzers with
    integrated automation in 6m2

    Atellica® Integrated Automation (AIA) on the Atellica® Solution consolidates revolutionary sample management technology, intelligent software, and IT to provide workflow efficiency with the flexibility to add decapping with little or no additional footprint.

    Atellica Solution - Magline Transport

    Built-in revolutionary sample management technology provides independent control over STAT and routine samples.

    Atellica Solution - Sorting

    Automatic, specific sample sorting combines with retrieval and archiving functions to manage samples throughout all phases of testing.

    Atellica Solution - ASA Application

    Sophisticated yet simple software seamlessly connects with your existing LIS to make it easy to run laboratory operations.

    Atellica Solution - Decapper

    Atellica® Decapper integrates decappinginto the analytical workflow of Atellica® Solution† with little or no additional footprint.

    Atellica Solution - OperatorTablet
    1. Primary user interface (UI) for single point of control of entire system.
    2. Atellica Asa™ Application is a tile-based tablet application that organizes and prioritizes operator tasks by streamlining laboratory workflow quickly and simply.

    3. Patented bidirectional, variable-speed Atellica Magline® Transport speeds STAT samples to analyzers.
    4. High-capacity Atellica® Sample Handler with revolutionary sample management technology.
    5. Atellica® CH Analyzer runs up to 1800 tests per hour‡ (up to 1200 photometric,‡ up to 600 IMT).‡
    6. Atellica® Decapper integrates decapping into the analytical workflow of Atellica® Solution configurations† with little or no additional footprint.
    7. Atellica® IM 1300 Analyzer runs up to 220 tests per hour;‡ Atellica® IM 1600 Analyzer runs up to 440 tests per hour.‡ Fast throughput aided by proprietary patented design of the Atellica IM incubation ring and wash ring functions.

    Reliable Results

    Powered for workflow and workforce efficiency, the Atellica® Solution delivers control and simplicity so you can drive better outcomes

    Atellica Solution

    Freedom to focus on driving outcomes with automated processes

    Atellica Solution

    Over 200 high-performing immunoassay and chemistry assays

    Atellica Solution

    Independent control over every sample, including STAT and precious samples

    Atellica Solution - 4

    Robust IT continuum from Atellica® Solution system software to a suite of add-on IT capabilities