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    Atellica Process Manager

    Do more than control processes. Optimize them.


    Demand for laboratory technologists is estimated to increase as much as 22% through 2025. This increase is compounded by the fact that labs are already struggling with a 7.2% vacancy rate.1 Given the continuing shortage of skilled staff, the ability to implement IT systems and protocols to maximize staff effectiveness and drive further efficiency is paramount.

    Atellica® Process Manager helps maximize staff effectiveness by enabling lab staff to centrally manage testing, cutting down on time spent moving from system to system to manage testing processes.

    Atellica Process Manager Centralized Oversight

    View the real-time status of automation, IT, and connected instruments.

    Atellica Process Manager Centralized control

    Control all systems* and view reagent levels and testing exceptions from one screen.

    *Instruments require virtual network computing (VNC) or Remote Desktop capability. Not available on all systems

    Atellica Process Manager Proactive alerts

    Implement test-specific turnaround time rules and receive alerts for samples before they exceed your lab’s turnaround time targets.

    Atellica Process Manager Data analytics and business intelligence

    Benchmark, assess, and improve performance, including turnaround time, automation utilization, reagent efficiency, and more!

    Jonathan Sy Tan, MLS (ASCP)CMSCCM
    Virginia Martin

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