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    Atellica Inventory Manager

    Atellica Inventory Manager

    Get the right inventory at the right time

    Atellica® Inventory Manager1 provides automated, real-time control of reagents and consumables across locations to reduce costs, save time, and improve lab quality. Simplify check-in, check-out, and consumables tracking and automate ordering processes to optimize inventory levels.


    With up to 50% of the average lab’s annual operating budget spent on reagents and consumables, even small inventory errors can increase costs.2 How much of your budget is tied up by higher-than-necessary carrying costs, emergency orders, or reagents that expire before use? How much time does your staff spend stocking shelves, counting boxes, and placing orders?

    Considered by the lab director as essential to the optimal efficiency of this modern healthcare institution, Atellica Inventory Manager reduced time spent on inventory management by 35% and saved up to 4 hours per week of staff time at a full-service medical center in the largest municipal hospital network in Germany’s Rhein-Main region.3 Learn how Atellica Inventory Manager transformed what had previously been a highly manual, labor-intensive process.

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    Atellica Inventory Manager

    Learn more in an on-demand webinar

    Accompany Licking Memorial Hospital on its journey to evaluate and implement an automated inventory management system in its lab. This on-demand webinar examines the challenges and calculates the costs associated with manual approaches and offers tips for ensuring a smooth transformation

    Atellica Inventory Manager

    Self-guided learning

    A virtual software demo led by a Siemens Healthineers expert may be the fastest and easiest way to learn about Atellica® Inventory Manager. But if your calendar is overcommitted, you can review the components, features, and benefits of this solution at your own pace.

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