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Combat lab challenges with intelligent IT

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on lab efficiency and turnaround time. And although the coronavirus is novel, the key issues and obstacles that labs face are not new. Staffing shortages continue and can exacerbate turnaround time challenges. In addition, challenges with information technology/laboratory information system resources and supply chain continue to hinder lab performance. Does your lab struggle with the same issues? Atellica Diagnostics IT can help identify and drive optimized workflows with robust solutions that enhance visibility, automate processes, and centralize management across instruments, automation, sites, and networks.

A recent health-crisis readiness survey1 identified the four key challenges hospital labs are facing.   


26% of those surveyed identified staffing as a key issue.

Turnaround time

23% of those surveyed identified turnaround time as a key issue.

Information technology/ laboratory information system resources

17% of those surveyed identified Information technology /laboratory information system resources as a key issue.

Supply chain

17% of those surveyed identified supply chain concerns as a key issue.

Make time for a closer look

Browsing exhibits at an industry conference helps attendees identify subjects and solutions that require more time, education, and consideration. Make plans now for in-depth learning later using the following resources:

Explore how Atellica Diagnostics IT can help your lab unify data and optimize workflow with simple, open, and scalable solutions.  

Learn how you can begin using IT today to standardize performance, improve workforce productivity, reduce errors and costs, and improve profitability. This 25-minute on-demand webinar explores the promise of new digital healthcare models and examines how labs can begin a digital transformation using an easy-to-follow roadmap.

Digitally integrate your lab for centralized, standardized, and optimized workflows

Explore our comprehensive suite of lab software designed to simplify operations and enable quick operator action.

Standardize testing protocols and result management across your diagnostics network.                                            

Get centralized oversight and control of lab processes and improve your lab’s performance with robust analytics.

Simplify inventory management with a real-time automated solution featuring one-click check-in.