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Atellica DCA Analyzer

Building upon one of the industry’s most trusted technologies for diabetes testing, the Atellica DCA Analyzer puts fast, quality HbA1c and ACR results right at your fingertips. Experience the performance and precision you need to improve outcomes. Designed with the speed, standardization, and personalization you want to boost efficiencies and meet growing demand.

Atellica® DCA AnalyzerScalable and ConnectedFlexible WorkflowCompact and PortableRapid ResultsPositive Patient ExperienceEnhanced Patient ConversationsTrusted PerformanceBuilt-in SafeguardsIntuitive User Interface
  1. POC-Atellica-DCA-3-Analyzers

    Connect and operate up to three test modules with a single display and transmit results with secure BLUETOOTH, Wireless or Wired connections for seamless data transmission to LIS/HIS/EHR systems.

  2. Atellica® DCA Analyzer

    With a unique handheld, detachable display users can link patient IDs and access results from wherever they are needed. Multiple modules and test types (i.e., HbA1c and ACR) can be run simultaneously.

  3. Atellica DCA

    Small footprint and light weight with a built-in handle enables easy movement for storage or bringing directly to patient.

  4. Atellia DCA - min sample

    HbA1c results available in only 4 minutes can help ensure timely patient consultation and treatment paths. ACR results in only 7 minutes can help aid in the early diagnosis of kidney disease.

  5. Atellica DCA - small sample size

    Small sample size, sufficient sample hold time, and the ability to process hemolyzed samples mitigate pre-analytical errors and reduce patient discomfort from re-sticks.

  6. HbA1c mmol-mol samples

    Built-in patient trend graphs to complement patient consultations and aid clinical decision-making. 

    HbA1c results available in 4 minutes, ACR results available in 7 minutes.

  7. Atellica_DCA_Analyzer_Chart-mmol_1920.jpg

    • Lab-quality results using technology with 30+ years of proven clinical reliability.
    • Atellica DCA Analyzer strongly correlated to results from the Tosoh G8 laboratory method.1
    • No clinically significant interferences from common hemoglobin variants for HbA1c measurements.2
    • Atellica DCA HbA1c test is not affected by hemolyzed samples and can help reduce preanalytical errors.

  8. Chart with Icons

    Auto-Checks™ Technology ensures accurate sample processing and reliable results, and built-in risk mitigation features provide an audit-ready solution.

    Security measures protect patient data.

    • No patient data transmitted between display and module.
    • Operator access control prevents unauthorized access.
    • Operator lockout after five failed attempts.
    • TLS encryption protects from cybersecurity threats.
    • USB debugging port is disabled.
    • Manually exported data is password protected.

  9. Atellica DCA

    Simple operation and intuitive UI decreases likelihood of operator error, improves user experience, and reduces training complexity.

Atellica® DCA Analyzer

The Atellica DCA Analyzer uses the same robust latex agglutination inhibition immunoassay as the DCA Vantage and DCA 2000+ analyzers.

Atellica® DCA Analyzer
Only 1μL capillary or venous whole blood

Small sample size reduces patient discomfort and likelihood of operator error.

Atellica® DCA Analyzer
Heparinized capillary
Enables extended sample hold time, mitigates risk of lost samples and need to retest patients.
Atellica® DCA Analyzer
Unaffected by sample hemolysis
Atellica® DCA HbA1c test can process hemolyzed samples and helps reduce pre-analytical errors caused by specimen collection.
Atellica® DCA Analyzer
Specificity to HbA1c can achieved with immunoassay
Unlike other methodologies, Siemens Healthineers immunoassay test was specifically designed to target only HbA1c.