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Syngo Carbon Advanced Visualization

Are you facing an increasing workload in your radiology department? Syngo Carbon Advanced Visualization1 streamlines your processes around reading and reporting. Reduce complexity, increase productivity - powered by syngo.via2.

Powerful reading. Actionable results.

Let‘s advance digitalization of healthcare.

Reducing increased amount of data with more accurate diagnosis.

Knowledge is key for expanding precision medicine and empowering innovation. With Syngo Carbon Advanced Visualization we offer a centralized, intelligent, and customizable control center that simplifies routine and empowers innovation & research in one powerful diagnostic workflow.
advanced visualization

Advanced Visualization offers a broad variety of clinical application across all modalities in multiple clinical areas for extended clinical, and operational needs: from cardiovascular to neurology, from mammography to oncology.

Syngo Carbon Advanced Visualization is directly integrated into your workflow, to simplify your diagnostic process, packed with the latest innovations and AI-enabled features.


  • Accelerating clinical decisions with AI powered tools, providing automatic lesion detection, and evaluation while reducing workload with automated case prioritization.

  • Assisting the interpretation, improving the detection, and classifying lesions while reducing the time needed to report by automatically generating structured and consistent reports to transform care delivery.

  • Advanced Visualization is opening up to new opportunities for healthcare partners, providing direct access to a world of continuous innovations via our Digital Marketplace.
  • Increase your clinical capabilities with applications from Siemens Healthineers, partners and a variety of research prototypes.
  • Share knowledge visually and interactively with clinicians and even patients – blend real-time interactive holograms of the real medical world to get an exceptional and realistic visualization with cinematic rendering.

If you know better, then you can do better – and thus improve patient care. Click through the Syngo Carbon Product Portfolio and find out more about Advanced Visualization. 

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