ACUSON Redwood Ultrasound System

Pushing the boundaries of imaging, performance and value

ACUSON Redwood is an ultrasound system that delivers premium imaging quality, exceptional performance, greater workflow efficiency, and bottom line value for your organization’s needs.

There’s finally an equalizer in the ongoing struggle for better clinical outcomes against the restraints of tight budgets. ACUSON Redwood is an ultrasound system that delivers on both.

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Explore product features

ACUSON Redwood
    • Customizable measurement package 
    • Stress Echo 
    • Cardiac strain 
    • 2D TEE transducer 
    • Adult and pediatric imaging
    • Advanced Diagnostics Dashboard 
    • System and transducer diagnostic tests and reports 
    • Fast recovery with software partition 
    • Real-time customer support with eSieLink
    • Lightweight (87 kg, 191 lbs) 
    • Quiet operation 
    • Hibernate and quick boot functionality without the need for a battery
  1. Featuring compact pinless connectors.

    • Hibernate High-resolution LCD flat panel ideal for flexibility 
    • Optimized for exceptional performance, gray scale utilization and auto calibration
  2. A 13.3” touch display for efficient workflow

Services Solutions Designed to Maximize Performance​

SRS provides the foundation for connecting your ultrasound system with a global team of technical and application experts from Siemens Healthineers. Using a secure network connection, SRS allows faster service response, interactive applications support and remote software updates. With SRS rest assured that you have the latest system software and performance benefits that reduce unnecessary system down time with remote connectivity to improve your system performance and productivity.


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