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acuson freestyle

ACUSON Freestyle Series Ultrasound Systems

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acuson freestyle
  1. View ultrasound images and enter patient data easily with the ACUSON Freestyle mobile link app
  2. Enhanced needle visualization aids in reducing imaging challenges in difficult-to-scan patients
  3. Advanced Pixelformer™ technology produces uniformity and clarity throughout the entire field of view
  4. Submersible, cable-free transducers and batteries aid in maintaining the sterile field for improved infection control
acuson freestyle

The mounted ultrasound solution combined with the ARTIS with PURE® angiography systems for a unique interventional workflow – optimized for cable-free workspace utilization while allowing faster time to the ultrasound exam.

Zero Cables
Move freely around your workspace while maintaining the sterile field with ergonomic viewing of the ultrasound image on the ARTIS Large Display.

Zero Footprint
Free up staff and optimize your workspace with single-user on-probe controls and a rear- mounted ACUSON Freestyle Elite ultrasound system on the ARTIS Large Display.

Fully Connected
Improve procedural workflow times using ARTIS Patient Synchronization for automated patient data registration and using Auto Send for effortless sending of studies to PACS upon exam completion.

SRS provides the foundation for connecting your ultrasound system with a global team of technical and application experts from Siemens Healthineers. Using a secure network connection, SRS allows faster service response, interactive applications support and remote software updates. With SRS rest assured that you have the latest system software and performance benefits that reduce unnecessary system down time with remote connectivity to improve your system performance and productivity.


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