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    Sysmex CS-2500 System

    Excel with confidence in your hemostasis testing.

    Advance clinical operations in hemostasis testing

    Learn how the Sysmex® CS-2500 System supports improved clinical operations.

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    Helping to transform care delivery through optimized clinical operations in hemostasis testing. 

    The Sysmex® CS-2500 System is a fully automated, mid-volume coagulation analyzer that employs smartly designed technologies for improved efficiency, exceptional accuracy, and reliable first-run results.

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    Seamless integration

    Seamless integration of instruments through shared consumables1 and comparable assay reference ranges optimizes use across multisite labs.

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    Sample integrity

    Identifies and manages unsuitable samples with preanalytical sample quality checks for fewer reruns.

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    Cost-effective operation

    Automated mixing studies,2 automated platelet aggregation,3 clot waveform analysis,4 and efficient reagent management for cost-effective instrument and staff consolidation.

    Sysmex CS-2500 System by the numbers

    Learn about the system’s extensive operational and clinical capabilities.

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    Throughput5 with cap-piercing and PSI checks (tests/hour, approx.) for PT/APTT

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    Clotting (10 single channels), chromogenic, immunoassay, and aggregation methods2

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    Five racks with 10 samples per rack loading capacity; continuous loading capability 

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    40 reagents onboard at 10°C ±2°C and five uncooled buffer/rinse solution positions

    Optimized digital solutions

    Whether hemostasis is fully integrated or stand-alone, Siemens Healthineers offers a wide range of digital solutions that help to optimize clinical operations.

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    Atellica Data Manager

    Enables standardized testing protocols and result management throughout the lab and across lab networks. 

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    Atellica Process Manager

    Helps labs to standardize and optimize processes through built-in analytics

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    Atellica Inventory Manager

    Automates control of reagents and consumables across multiple locations to reduce costs, save time, and improve lab quality.

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