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    Hemostasis testing solutions

    Trusted hemostasis solutions. Proven outcomes. One common factor.

    Improved workflow for any-sized hemostasis lab

    Meet our mid- and high-volume systems for optimized hemostasis testing outcomes.

    Benefit from improved economic and clinical outcomes in coagulation testing across the portfolio

    Our broad range of Sysmex and Siemens Healthineers testing solutions for any-sized lab offers:

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    Seamless integration

    Siemens Healthineers and Sysmex systems allow standardized results across low-, mid-, and high-volume analyzers for multisite labs.

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    Economical workflow

    Less than 5 minutes daily maintenance, efficient reagent preparation, and ready-to-use cleaning solution support economical workflow.

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    Sample integrity

    Fill-volume checks for multiple tube types and assay-based preanalytical sample quality checks for hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia (HIL) interference.1

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    Secure aliquot technology

    Secure aliquot technology allows multiple tests per sample with one-time piercing for closed-tube sampling and less hands-on time.

    Which coagulation testing solution fits your lab?

    Explore our mid- and high-volume systems and join a demo.

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    Sysmex CS-5100 System

    High-volume, fully automated solution featuring PSI™ technology and automation connectivity
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    Sysmex CS-2500 System

    Mid-volume, fully automated solution featuring smartly designed technologies, including PSI technology
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    Atellica COAG 360 System2

    High-volume, automation-ready coagulation analyzer for specialty hemostasis testing

    Trusted hemostasis testing solutions that help you deliver consistent results and enhance patient outcomes

    Simplified workflow through a number of liquid, ready-to-use reagents.

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